Zhao garden
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        The Zhaos’ Garden is situated in front of the Wengs’ at the southwest corner of the city and neighbours the Zengs’ Garden. The garden is originally a part of the ruins of “Xiao Wang Chuan” built by Censor Qian Dai during the reign of Emperor Wan Li in the Ming Dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Jiaqing and Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty, it was owned by Wu Junji, a town native. Originally it was named as Shui Hu Garden,also known as Shui Wu Garden. During the reign of Emperor Tongzhi and Guangxu, the garden was given over to Zhao Liewen from Yanghu. A plaque was hung above the gate with the inscription of “Jing Pu”. The garden is also informally referred to as Zhao Wu Garden. When Zhao Huan was touring Yizhou city, The daughter of Zhao Huan’s wife,Deng Tingzhen, Deng Jiaxiang and Deng Tingzhen’s brother , Deng Jiaqi jointly took care of the garden.After the 1911 Revolution, the garden belonged to Sheng Xuanhuai from Wujin. The Shengs’ re-construct the Tianning Peace Temple in Changzhou as its following garden, hence the garden’s name was again changed to the House of Peace.
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