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        Fangta Garden is situated in the east side of Changshu, near the Fangta Street, most busiest commercial street in the city.It is a classical garden which built on the basis of original site in Song Dynasty, covering an area of nearly 30,000 m2.The garden was finished the instruction in year 1999 and year 2002 by two phrases.The name of “Fangta Garden” was given due to the “ Square Tower” in the garden. Square Tower ( Fangta ), as one of symbol buildings in Changshu, was built in year 1130, South Song Dynasty, more than 870 years old.It was publicized as state-class Cultural Relic Protection Place by State Department in May of year 2006.Fangta was repaired and maintained in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty.Its original name was called “Chongjiao Xifu Temple Tower” and later was renamed as Square Tower due to its square plane.Fangta has 9 floors and was made of wood structure.Fangta, Ancient Well and Ancient were called “ Three treasures of the Garden”. Fangta Garden was laid out in imitation of the Song Dynasty style, which is somewhat like an imperial garden of ancient times.Additionally, bridges, pavilions, corridors, rockeries, flowers and trees are so well arranged.In the backyard, there are Stele Carving Museum and Celebrity Hall, to show a long history and splendid culture of an ancient city.
        Tayuan special events a year: Spring Lantern Festival, camellia exhibition (March-May), Mid-Autumn Day garden party, open from May to October night tearoom.
Square Tower
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Ancient Gingkgo
        Song ancient square tower, Gingko known as the "garden treasures." Sung square tower formerly taught... More>>
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