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Fangta Garden is situated in the east side of Changshu, near the Fangta Street, most busiest commercial street in the city.It is a classical garden which built on the basis of original site in Song Dynasty, covering an area of nearly 30,000 m2.The garden was finished the instruction in year 1999 and year 2002 by two phrases.
The Zengs’ Garden, also known as Xukuo Garden or Xukuo Home, is situated in the southwestern corner of the ancient city and neighbours the Zhaos’ Garden. It was originally a part of the remains of “Xiao Wang Chuan” built by Censor Qian Dai during the reign of Emperor Wan Li in the Ming Dynasty.During the reign of Emperor Tong Zhi and Guang Xu...
Yan garden, also known as Yan Valley Park, started in Qing Emperor Qianlong, has been 220 years of history. It covers much, but the idea of ​​Kit Kat, unique, one of the southern Classical Garden, Jiangsu cultural relics protection units. Especially in the garden of the "Yan Valley" Yellowstone rockery renowned at home and abroad...
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