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          Beggar Chicken Also known as: "simmer chicken", produced in China Changshu, Jiangsu Province. Changshu Beggar Chicken reddish brown color, oily bright, delicious tangy, fruity chicken, chicken crisp tender, nutrient-rich, unique flavor. Specific production methods are: the chickens after slaughter, with vegetable oil, cooking wine, salt, pickled ginger, add in the chicken bore ham, mushrooms, shrimp, bamboo shoots film, as well as onions, ginger, wine and other spices, then pigs net oil-tight package chicken body, plus the lotus leaf wrap, then Xicao Shengzha was tight outside pincushion, whole chicken coated with a sticky rub Wong, the last four to six hours Serve baked on the fire.
        Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs Produced in Suzhou Yangcheng Lake. Nonstick mud crab body, commonly known as water crabs, big plump body, green shell white belly, Rattus claw. Succulent cream greasy, ten limbs supple, crawling quickly placed on a glass plate. Every cool breeze, while chrysanthemums in full bloom, it is listed on the golden claw crab season. Lunar September of female crabs, Oct. male crabs, gonad best. Cooked condensation, the female golden yellow, like the male as white, taste delicious, a renowned Chinese brand names.  
          Yushan Jianmen green tea In Yushan top of a seat odd everywhere, like a mountain ax blade chop, named Jianmen surrounding mountains flat ridge ridge full of tea. Because for Avon, pure air, the annual "Grain Rain" before and after tea buds grow, timely picking, Seiko roasted, made ​​the famous High tea, green tea is also known as Jianmen. Its "Jianmen Bai", "Yushan white" brew ten times without taking off the cinnamon flavor and color bright soup, such as jade leaves dance taster and surprising in the history of Chinese tea called a great spectacle.
        Wang four osmanthus wine Changshu specialty, from the foot of the century-old Wang Yushan Changshu four restaurants, is to take the finest rice, set the autumn of Osmanthus carefully brewed. The restaurant has accumulated after years of brewing experience, a unique shop in front of the brewing process Square. Kofukuji temple with Qi Liang said that "Hollow Lake" spring brings, Youyi temple sinking Millennium "Tang Gui" into the wine, causing osmanthus wine, Secheng amber, mellow wine quality, strong, catchy with fragrance , slightly sweet, rather special. Quotes Weng left with "green belt trails hoe, leaving exposed stuffed yellow," the.  
          Baoyan bayberry June and July each year dew purple red blossoms attract a magnet for visitors, linger, nine hundred years formed the "look bayberry, to Baoyan" folk customs, enduring. 900 years of history Baoyan planted bayberry, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the forest, while personally experience the fun of picking tasting.
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