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        Yan garden, also known as Yan Valley Park, started in Qing Emperor Qianlong, has been 220 years of history. It covers much, but the idea of ​​Kit Kat, unique, one of the southern Classical Garden, Jiangsu cultural relics protection units. Especially in the garden of the "Yan Valley" Yellowstone rockery renowned at home and abroad, rockery Department Qing Jin Ling (now Changzhou) stack master Ge Yue Liang Shan handed down masterpiece.
        一. Built park history:
        Yan garden is located in the ancient city of Changshu , Jiangsu Province, Xin Feng lane , east Bing Linggong temple , south of Xin Feng Lane , West neighborhood , north of the river and banjo with Fai Court Road. The park was originally the child Qianlong East Court scholar, the prefect built in Taiwan, Park West is from the parent, Jiang Qing and Industry assistant minister whirl old house. Forty-five years of Qianlong ( 1780 ) , when he Penghu observation to make and learn affairs, crossing distress, back in Changshu, east side from a parent that is in their old house Provisioning Chiang whirl gardens, and for Poseidon Tianfei in them, hometown name " Jiang Park." To the dynasty years ( 1829 ), Park for family nephew, Taian magistrate because Chiang Pei ( number of primary students ) funded commercially, big plus repairs had decorated and stacked Please southern mountains with the famous Ge Yue Liang Yi Yushan Yellowstone quartet built a rockery in the garden , named " Yan Yuan." To show it as " normalization " of Italy, and in the eastern rockery additional "reward Ascott." If true mountain valley Yeongoksa general, talent and Donghe have clear water, parks were so big with, name Chi far and near, the garden has therefore changed its name to " Yan Yuan " , also known as "Yan Valley Park ." Daoguang 27 years ( 1847 ) , Garden of Yi Ren , Jin bought magistrate returned the child. Dynasty, Yanyuan return to Chiang Yuan Shu Yuen Sunhong Kui too heavy , his book " Good Lu poem I copied " in the "garden every former team " refers to the matter. Up to the late Qing Dynasty, Guangxu 30 years ( 1908 ) Garden of Yi Ren , Ren Guangxu Ministry of Foreign Affairs doctor who, in Nagasaki, Japan , Kobe, Korean Consul General Zhang Hong Incheon purchased , plus heavy repairs, enrichment planting flowers Jennifer Wood and since " Yeongoksa elderly ." Late Qing Zhang famous writer , educator and historian S research specialist, author of " Poetry Man nest draft" , "Genghis Khan Record " and so on. He relegated to reflect the facts of the late Qing Dynasty literary classics " continued Flower" that is, in this park is completed , the benefits of making more fame Sheng Yan Yuan.
        二. The characteristics of landscape art:
        1. The layout imaginative, varied combination of space, unique.
        Yan garden covers an area of ​​about four acres, the plane was long and narrow, narrow north-south over the long stuff, you can see and get to the bottom of its layout is quite imaginative, so the terrain and space rules produce flexible and rich artistic effect change, tortuous properly, unique.
        In the overall layout of the whole garden cleverly divided into four districts. Admission to the front door off the foyer is a courtyard area, namely the former Park District, and subsequently set up to make something to cross gallery space separated , left for the West corridor , the right of the "three lovely room" whitewashed wall flower windows , courtyard planting with clumps of bamboo, cloth with trails, shaded garden views and thereafter , there is room for a distant people feel a deep sense side of monensin . Hospital East and clever in the provision of small garden party for the second district. North duck style home surrounded hall , called the "three lovely room" , hanging plaque "three lovely room " for the Su handwriting on the interior. Zhangfeng Yu " Vase of Flowers Cottage poems copied " in this park attractions Sentences cloud : . " Hsinchu secluded and quiet, the new crescent smile Liu Yan Jiao and come into this three- moon proud of his reclusive forest, alone hold plum sleep." tells the origin of the name of this room. Front room has a lotus pond, the water turns winding. Pool Lake rockery stone towers , rugged rock formations, shaped like Qunhou collection, ran, jumped , down, stand, different attitude , vivid, unique taste , because the name "72 stone monkey " rockery. Uematsu and mountain flowers, complex on the east side of frame with bridges, the name " green to Gallery ," Daiwa red bar across the water standing on the east coast bamboo clumps , Bridge Gallery North West is set to "Dream Green Lotus Temple " Nantong "child early Koon ," the museum of the study four , layout conform to the natural terrain park to the east by the pool with bridges bridge Gallery import, turns quiet, interesting. Pool East "Dream Green Lotus Temple " as two-story building, small building board can Yushan West Vision scenery. And then along the west wall of the pool complex Gardens Gallery through rockery can reach the cave, " youngster early Koon " wonderful layout, the unmistakable concept only. Gallery to cross from the east to the "five Shido " for the third district, five Shido as old as the park owner will greet friends and relatives in the South Hall courtyard home of "Yan Valley" a rockery , right close mountains,special, fascinating , and east along the garden wall to the level of scattered rockery of another labyrinth of corridors and tall bamboo, stone points constitute the " poetic " attractions , strolling , reverie , fun. Thus along the corridor to the north into the "reward Ascott ", which overlooks the beautiful scenery of the whole park , overlooking the Yushan scenery, vivid. Unmarried mountains along the porch, to be called " Skyline owned boat" Pro upland boat, walking scene change , a combination of clever, make the area a " Yan Valley" is the subject of landscape , varied twists and turns , one after another novelty , worthy Jia said absolutely . Rockery garden wall along the western corridor of the north-south through the entire park, leading to the "five Shido " , Gallery Central Pavilion home semi- name " Autumn Geyi queue " and " Yan Valley", "three lovely room" constitutes an excellent mutually by the King. People in the gallery in the middle, like a continuous landscape picture, beautiful. "Five Shido " was fourth after the back door to the garden area. The area is the park owner and their families daily living place, but should be fine decent layout, the West is "Winter Wing Old House " atrium planted with privet, laurel, bamboo around with rocks, interesting charm. Separated from the east side to the gallery into a small courtyard, built " a large wine jar Court ," " Ten willing House," a collection of writings and were living at the park with the family of the owner. Attic vestibule planted with pine, maple and other flowers around with rocks, bright and elegant scenery.
        2. Yeongoksa rockery, artistically extraordinary, famous foreign.
        Located in the "five Shido" before the "Yan Valley" Yellowstone rockery, across the whole park thing, there are mountains left "primer wins rock", right there across the mountains, "the bridge over the cloud", under the bridge opening leads to the "five Shido" , bold layout, do the creative writing. The male cliff cliffs, mountains Yong Chui extraordinary momentum. Not only fully reflects the Chinese garden "Heaven", with limited space to express the mood of the infinite landscape art, but also shows the extraordinary mountain stacked with superb artistic conception techniques.
        3. Landscaped atmosphere, Yan garden sixteen popular King.
        Yan garden when built since , "three lovely room" , "child early Koon " , "72 stone monkey " and other names constitutive attraction. After upgrading because Pei Yan Yuan Jiang , Jiang Yan Yuan due to training after upgrading , in its " black eye Sanbanggulsa poetry " in the title are: "Money Song pot is park map sixteen frames Bong book this reward ." Since then, there has been " Yan Yuan sixteen King " reputation. The poems are not specifically mentioned landscaped content, but from " Vase of Flowers Lu poetry copy " in the " title Bo Sang Yanyuan map" specific attractions and Guangxu Yap chronicles points raised its sixteen scene as follows: Yan Gu, cited wins rocks, clouds over the bridge, child early Koon , three lovely rooms, dream green Lotus temple, seventy boulder rockery, green to Gallery, Poetry, tours Ascott, Skyline owned boat, five Shido, a large wine jar Court, ten willing Floor, bamboo line kitchen, winter Rong old house. Park owner and scholarly gathering place for the history Yanyuan. "Reward Ascott " had a list of government and celebrities psalms, such as the Qing dynasty ren Court scholar, Ruan and cultural celebrities famous poems, Wujiang Guo YULIN and gold stone version scientist Qian Yong Yin tours such as sing -for- all of which are listed, Yi makes garden graces . Yanyuan flowers landscape rich in ancient garden in addition to magnolia, sycamore, pomegranate and pine, Begonia , crape myrtle, Podocarpus endures, more peony planting also filled. When that is in the late Qing Yan Yuan peony cultivation, category known and famous, is also seen flowers Jennifer Wood Park wins this purpose, mountains and garden Qingchi, pavilions, deep song Academy Gallery matched thespians, constitute a unique mood unlimited scenic Garden.
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