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          Yushan pinaster Mushroom Is a fungus growing in pine roots, the temperature at 20 degrees Celsius and humid weather, the bacteria can grow. Its shape Penicillium green rotten, quite ugly. Pine mushroom fresh fragrance, taste Xianjie have "tasted pine mushroom, three days do not think meat" argument, known as the "prime king." The annual June to September, is growing wild mushroom foraging season, Changshu Yushan pine mushroom is a vegetarian loud signs, the "prime king" in the world, with its fresh, fragrant, waxy mouthfeel by the majority of diners. Every morning, drink a cup of green tea Yushan, eating a bowl of mushroom oil is the habit of many people over the years in Changshu.
        Duck blood glutinous rice Changshu specialty, alias waxy, waxy blood, blood glutinous, there are physical blood function. It bran purple, beige and reddish grain length, gas smell and taste delicious, as nourishing tonic, as the palace had meals "Royal meters" one. People often make eating porridge maternal and infirm tonic. There are blood and yin effect, especially for the elderly and infirm, there are indeed physical tonic. Yehenala Qing Empress Dowager Cixi, Changshu favorite with blood glutinous.  
          Osmanthus chestnut Also known as chestnut, sweet-scented osmanthus trees planted Changshu known habit, every Mid-Autumn Festival, osmanthus blossoms, fragrant smell, then gradually mature chestnuts. According to the 1918 book "Changshu Guide" reads: "Chestnut Mountain Top, quality and sachets, famous since ancient times, when its tender peel and eat, Utah with a fragrance too." So, Yushan Gui already famous chestnut flower.
        Changshu Steamed Variety, fine workmanship, unique flavor, they have a common feature, which made ​​cooking methods are steaming, called a must! Contemporary painter Fan Zeng pride in Changshu Changshu floor tasted steamed, praise, special calligraphy for its title, for the elephants.  
          Changshu millet rice cake Jiangnan region is very popular traditional breakfast, a rectangular shape, thickness thirty-four points, like a poker did not unpack. In the finely ground rice flour mixed with brown sugar, mixed with pine nuts, green Ding, orange peel, osmanthus and other condiments, crushed, mixed with rubbing on yellow, draw cake, steamed cake, pour a positive, open cake, bake cakes other processes, fermentation ingredients should be enough condiments to delicious fragrance fire to flourish, but not burnt. Such baked cake out of the dry, sweet and crisp, color brown, like crispy rice.
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