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        Square Tower--Formerly known as Chong teach Kofukuji tower, commonly known as square tower. Was built in the Southern Song Dynasty built in four years (AD 1130), completed in dynasty (AD 1265-1274 years). According to county records, when there is a recommendation to the monks versed in art of geomancy magistrate, Changshu City, northwest of the mountain town, southeast of the lake, "high class, thematic low", the city should set up the tower for the town, then to build the tower. Therefore, Chong Feng Shui teaches Kofukuji tower tower is one of the few extant examples of early Chinese, is also a landmark of the ancient city of Changshu. Chong teach Kofukuji tower brick wall wooden eaves pavilion-style, single cylinder structure, square body, helmet roof, 67 meters high and retains the construction technology and art forms Sui tower. Qianlong eleven years (AD 1747) due to fire and replace the wood components of the tower, in 1963 conducted a rescue service in 1986, the underlying Vice rehabilitation order. 1998-2000 conducted a comprehensive repair and reinforcement.
Ancient Well
Ancient Gingkgo
        Ancient Well--The Ancient Well is 5.7m in depth and has the same age with Square Tower.It provided the water for the monks who lived in temple near the Square Tower at that time.
        Ancient Gingkgo--The Ancient Gingkgo was more than 870 years old.It was 25m high and more than 2 m in width.It always has many fruits in October every year.
        Drunk Wei Ting, pool--Drunk Magistrate refers to Zhang Xu, a famous chirographer in Tang Dynasty.He was ever appointed as Changshu Magistrate, and moreover was addicted to wines.So his residence was also called as “ Drunk Magistrate’s Street”. To memorize his important position in China handwritings, “ Drunk Magistrate Pavilion and Pond” was built up in Fangta Garden to encourage the later generations.
Drunk Wei Ting, pool
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