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        Hall of Fame is located in Changshu in Changshu city square tower park, the Department of Architecture of the original premises outside the east gate of the Qing Dynasty in the big hall Explorer shift temple was built from. The museum on August 7, 1933 completed construction area of ​​about 280 square meters. Museum "Wenguang Hall," "School Road, Hall of state" two plaques were Luo Zhewen by renowned experts in ancient architecture, wrote the calligrapher Xiao Xian.
        The content of the exhibition Hall of Fame consists of three parts: First, the statue were Shang "Changshu human ancestor" Zhongyong and "Southern Master" Yan Yan. Second, the graphical version. With illustrations of the layout, there are 141 introduced late Changshu membership celebrity biography certain achievements, accomplishments and impact on the Changshu history, including the famous revolutionary martyrs and contemporary Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and a distinguished scholar in the field of social sciences. Third schedule. Since the late Tang Zhiqing lists 485 imperial examination and twenty Changshu membership Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering list. From a reflection of a national historical and cultural city of Changshu has a deep cultural heritage.
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