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        In the Square Tower Garden, there is a clean and honest culture theme park named Green Qinchuan, which is meticulously made by Changshu Discipline Inspection Commission, Changshu Supervisory Bureau and Changshu Tour Bureau. The clean and honest culture theme park is named as Green QInchuan,which is Changshu’s honest culture characteristic brand. It is a clean government educational base, which is made from Clean Corridor; Clean Politics History Building; Clean Pond and Clean Stele.They concentrated shows that honest and upright official’s clean stories, Aphorism and Epitaph in the history of changshu. They are the most important parts of Changshu expanding the clean education. Here collected 35 stories of changshu natives or officials who worked in changshu in the history. In order to encourage and educate descendant that do things right and clean and then live a dignified and imposing life.
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