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        The museum is located in Changshu Changshu ancient inscriptions landmark - Tower of Song Fang backyard, is the collection, display and thematic museums rubbings of inscriptions information. 1989 started the construction of Changshu Museum inscriptions, in 2000 was named Suzhou patriotism education base. Whole museum covers an area of ​​4000 square meters, was the pattern of the classical gardens of Jiangnan, Beilang total length 500 m, divided politics, economics, culture and art, folk religion, biographies four zones, featured the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing more than 800 various types of stone square, the museum also has Changshu Hall of Fame, Sung Lan Cottage, King Yin Lei Ting, calligraphy booths, Taying Lake, Qingyuan floor, ya rain Habitat and other attractions built around the square tower echoes, winding corridors, environmental elegant, is an important place for people to rest and understand the history of Changshu。
        Shilong Department of Northern and Southern Dynasties stone works, dating back thirteen hundred years, is the oldest stone works found in the territory of today's Changshu. Original pond for Fukuyama, to pray for calm, since "Zhenhai" role.
Astronomy Picture of the monument
        Zhengde Ming Dynasty (1506), According Changshu magistrate meter Zongdao "Gan and Shi" and "Song. Astronomical records," engraved "astronomical figure." It is very north of the center will be visible on a circular astrological projection plane: There are three concentric circles, the small circle indicates the Arctic Circle is now constant, that is, within the range of 36.8 degrees north latitude, can be seen in astrology; the circle represents the equator oblique circle is the ecliptic, yellow red two intersections were equinoxes; great circle is constant implicit Arctic circle, that is outside the boundaries of astrology is implicit rather than cash. These circles throughout the Galaxy. Changshu Suzhou astronomical astronomical diagram in Figure Corrected missing more chaotic the wrong place, there is a constellation 284, 1466 Stars, Purple Mountain Observatory gave a high evaluation of it, saying "Changshu astronomical figure in the history of astronomy in China occupies a position can not be ignored." .
        "Reconstruction Changshu county in mind," the monument inscriptions Changshu Museum exhibits one of the larger stone exterior shape. Ming Dynasty Jiajing, Yan Song autocratic harm the country, the national coastal emptiness, Changshu no exception, frequently violated Japanese pirates along the Yangtze River in Changshu, Changshu magistrate Wang Fu was to resist the invasion of pirates, led a fearlessness Limin reconstruction Changshu county. This monument on the narrative of this historical fact and praised Wang Fu feat. It not only has historical value, but also have high artistic value. This inscription is written by the then Imperial Academy Bachelor, "Yongle Dadian" total school-eup Mingru Qujing Chun; famous Wuzhong Ming Dynasty calligrapher by Wen Zhengming Seal, one of the four wit, he made ​​eighty elderly book, Xing Kai still Hideitsu and aplomb; another WU ZI Emotion knife. Articles, calligraphy, seal carving embraced each other, called "Ruin."
Ming Dynasty "Reconstruction Changshu county in mind," the monument
"Kangxi Yu Shu monument"
"Cong Huang ancient map"
        "Kangxi Yu Shu monument": Kangxi Huang Dong Qichang fond of calligraphy, this book is a document intended Kangxi Pro made ​​by Dong Qichang Five-character poem "Sin Heng Fa open day, elegant purple Yanfei. Spring are bright, silk back immediately. Brushwork round Jin Hideitsu, word line layout Lichtung proportioned, with clean, elegant, lean, hard features.
        "Cong Huang ancient map": This is the Yuan Dynasty painter Ni Zan "Cong Huang ancient map", and Huang Kung-wang, Wang Meng, Wu Zhen said "Yuan four." Ni Zan believe in Buddhism, Taoism and respect for his paintings layout emptying empty, often several strains Cong Huang, humble stone embellishment, full of refined superior outgassing. In his paintings, often with poetry, calligraphy, poetry and painting so that the whole work is full of perfect unity.
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